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Why Switch to a Vegan Beauty Product Line?

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Why go vegan?

The cosmetics industry relies too heavily on using animal substances and animal testing to create their products. Not only does this practice hurt the animals, it hurts us. Not all animal testing is done ethically. Majority of the time, the animals used in those procedures end up either maimed or killed. The animal by-products also have a negative impact on our health too. Substances like animal urine (carbamide) and crushed insects (carminic acid) are found in products like lotion and lipstick. This makes mainstream products harsh on the skin, especially sensitive skin types. If you want to live kindly without sacrificing your beauty, veganism is the way to go.


Why choose Bioskin Coco?

So, you’ve decided to live the vegan life. Why should you start your journey of ethical living with us?

We're affordable. Vegan products tend to have a reputation of being too expensive. Not us. Quickly browsing through our site, you can find that most if not all products are very much within most people’s price range. Please visit it here www.bioskincoco.com

We are 100% vegan. Unlike other brands that use partially plant-based materials, all ingredients used are plant-based and organic.  Zero animal testing has been done and zero animal by-products have been used. We use different types of plant compounds but we base all our formulas on fermented virgin coconut oil.

We support local. Our company firmly believes in supporting local farmers so all of our ingredients are locally sourced. We have heard the plight of the farmers and we have decided to allot a percentage of our profits to local copra farmers.

We believe skincare knows no color. We do not claim one skin tone to be superior to other skin tones. We believe that people of all skin colors deserve products that nourish and enhance their natural beauty.

Our products last. Our products were designed to weather heat, sweat, dust, and other things an average person encounters on a daily basis; the perfect products for Filipinas/Filipinos on the go. With Bioskin Coco, you could end your day looking as fresh as you started.


Why coconut?

The coconut earned the right to be called “The Tree of Life”. Every single part of the coconut can be used. The leaves can be used as roofing, the trunk can be chopped up and turned into charcoal, and coconut oil can be used on the face. It’s a natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal moisturizer. It’s also packed with healthy fat and vitamin E, which keeps skin smooth and supple.

            Its anti-oxidant properties also help deal with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help alleviate the pain of sunburn. It keeps skin moisturized, preventing further irritation and damaged caused by too much sun exposure. Even your hair benefits from the wonders of the coconut. The fatty acids help keep the hair smooth and moisturized while protecting it from damaged caused by intense treatment like coloring or styling. The coconut is the gift that keeps on giving.







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