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5 Reasons Why You Should Want Coco

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  1. It’s healthy! Bioskin Coco does not use any synthetic ingredients. Most ingredients in the market can be harmful especially when used long term. Compounds like lead and formaldehyde are commonly found in products like lotion and lipstick. All our ingredients are 100% pure, organic, and natural. Our products are also all plant-based so rest assured that all our items are jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients.


  1. It stays! Our products are specially designed to help the average Filipina/Filipino maintain their beauty despite the heat, humidity, sweat, etc. You don’t have to worry about constant touch ups and sweating the product off.


  1. It caters to everyone! Girl, boy, dark, light, it doesn’t matter. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to use our products. We strive to have a brand that respects individual differences and brings out the best in the client’s natural beauty. We were each beautifully and wonderfully made, and it is our mission to bring that beauty out into the world.


  1. It helps support farmers. All of our ingredients are locally sourced. So by purchasing our products, you get the opportunity to directly help the local farmers. We all know their struggles and we can all do our part to help.


  1. We’re cruelty-free! No animals have been harmed in producing our products. Unlike other make-up brands, we don’t perform any animal testing nor do we use animal products.


Overall, your patronage to us is definitely a win-win. These products will nourish you, the animals, local farmers, and the environment. It’s a quadruple win in fact. A brand that doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t harm animals, is conscious of its environmental footprint, and supports the local farming industry is hard to find. We see that gap and we have taken action. By being our patrons, you are actually giving back more than you are taking. What’s not to like


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